What is Meta Tags and How to add in a blog?

Meta tags are brief description of a blog in about 160 character which shows in search results in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Meta tags helps to understand about the subject of a blog for human and also for search engines. In easy language when you search any word is search engines and found the results below every title is known as meta tags. It added in websites in html. Please see this image to better understand about meta tags.


How to add meta tags in blogger/blogspot

1. visit your blogger dashboard using your email id and password 
2. go settings
3. search preferences
4. Here you will find the meta tags
5. by default here you will see [Disabled] click on edit
6. Click on Yes
7. Write meta tags 150 Characters Max.
8. Save changes

How to add meta tags in WordPress 

1. visit your WordPress dashboard using your username and password
2. If you using Yoast plugins than their is a setting where you can add meta tags
3. If you are not using yoast plugins than go to pages
4. select home pages to edit
5. Write here meta tags in post option
5. Click on update your meta tag will saved for your wordpress blog

Things to remember while adding meta tags.

1. Always use seo keywords in meta tags
2. Not exceed more than 160 characters
3. Give the proper information to user

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    thanks for the article avinash.my doubt is if we dont add meta tag, what google will show in SE

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