How my Tweets earned 27.9K impressions in just 28 days

I am Boss of my coupon website and I tweet like a pro. Here is a screenshot showing how my Tweets earned 27.9K impressions in just 28 days. Without using twitter paid advertisement. I am using # in my tweets very smartly, correctly and in effecting ways.

Coupon website needs lots of targeted traffic to get more profit. So I decided to promote my website on twitter. Twitter is the best way to attract targeted traffics for a website or a blog. Currently I am getting about 1000 of traffic from twitter account.


How to tweet like a pro or like a Boss

1. Always use # in your every tweet
2. Use keywords in tweets
3. Use brand name with # (e.g. #bluehost, #amazon, #flipkart etc )
4. Use # category like #hosting #shoes #domain
5. Use adjectives like #offers #sale #coupon
6. Search Google trend data to get ideas about trending products
7. Do research of # before tweeting and try to tweet better than your competitors

3 must tricks to add in your twitter accounts

1. Add your website url in your profile
2. Add # keywords in the descriptions (e.g. I am professional #blogger and #seo expert)
3. Use @ in your profile descriptions (e.g. Hey catch me on @avi_chourasia)

How to make your twitter account professional and good looking

1. If you are running twitter for a brand than use a logo of that brand.
2. If you are a individual blogger then add a professional profile photo.
3. Add subjective twitter cover image which display your business. (E.g. if you are computer expert than put a attractive laptop or computer image in your twitter account)
4. Follow the big brand/people and not to follow casual funny accounts.
5. Block all unwanted followers and groups which are affecting your online social status.

Tips to get more engagement on Twitter

1. Follow your competitive twitter accounts
2. Follow your competitive twitters followers
3. Always tweet better than your competitors’
4. Use image in your tweets.
5. Provide informative things in your tweets

These above tips are very useful to make your Twitter accounts professional. When your twitter account looks better your tweet will start earring impression.

Avinash Chourasia

Avinash Chourasia is the founder & CEO of CouponWings. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has brilliant business mind with awesome technical, blogging, Web-designing and affiliate marketing skills.

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