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Trending post are very important for a blog. It increases the traffic of a blog. If you regularly write the trending post on your blog then it’s a big chance that your blog will be viral in just few days. You can smartly viral your blog by sharing your content on social medias like Facebook and Twitter. No matter your SEO working or not keep writing trending post on your blog.


Google Trend is the only a free tool which provide all the data base of trending news and post. We can easily access the trending topic on Google trend. 


What is a Trending Post?

Trending post are those posts which are read by maximum number of people all over the world. Trending posts are short-term period posts which gives maximum traffic for a blog.

Example of trending post

The post which has latest viral news is also known as trending post in the world of blogging. For example recently Trump won the US election. This was a viral news and it was trend all over the world at that time. All blogger had got maximum traffic who wrote this news about the Trump.

Take another example About few days back we celebrated the New Year 2017. This was also an example of trending post. Again if you had written any post on the New Year or related to New Year, probably your blog had got number of traffic on those days.

Where to get Topics for Trending blog post

Now it comes in your mind that where I will aware about the trending post. There is website from Google for trending news, it updates every hour and in every category. The website name is Google trends. Visit Google trend to see what is trending now on internet.

How to get data from Google Trend

Getting trending news from Google trend is very simple but very tricky to get vital data for your blog. First  you have to select your blog subject. When you visit the Google Trends website you will got all trending news and post on front page with the website name and details.

There are also two options on top right side of the website.

1. All Categories
2. Country

Here you have to select a category or you can choose it what is showing by default. Second choose your country. By default you will see your country name here. Here all data will display about trending post from last 24 hours. Click any of topics to see the graph of trending news.

Conclusion- Beginner blogger can get the trending data from Google Trend very easily and it is not so much complicated. Use for globally trending news or by default you will see your own country data. Keep in your mind that your post should be fresh and better than others and it should not look like copied. Your post SEO should be right. Use the Google trend keywords. It really helps you to write a viral trending post. Also you should promote the post on social media’s right after publishing any post.

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