How to write your First post on Blogger

After successfully creating your own blog on google Blogspot you should start writing your first post on blogger. Here is the process how to write your new post on a blog.

First visit your blogger account by using your gmail id and password. After visiting your blogspot dashboard click on new post.

Here a page will open as shown below in the figure. Here you can start writing your first post.
  1. Write a post title
  2. create a category in label section
  3. Write the main post
  4. write few words or sentence in search box
  5. finally you can click on publish button to live your first post on internet.

How to write your First post on Blogger

You can also insert image, youtube videos in your post. There are many options to look your blog post attractive.

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    […] Here is the default look of every blog on blogspot. You can configure it as your requirement. After making your blog you have to know How to write your new post on blogspot. […]

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