How to install Blogger New template in just 2 steps

Blogger template installation is very easy and fast. By default Blogger have lots of template on Blogger dashboard. But there are lots of beautiful blogger templates are available to install on blogger. Almost all blogger template providing websites provide details about the installation on templates. So next time when you download any new blogger template you should notice about this.

First Step to install Blogger template

The very first thing to install blogger template is find a best blogger template. Follow these steps

1. First search a blogger template in Google
2. Visit the blogger template providing websites
3. Download the blogger template (by default it will be in zip file)
4. Extract the zip file
5. See for XML Document file (this will be uploaded)

Second Step to install Blogger template

After downloading and extracting the Blogger template you have to visit your Blogger Dashboard. Follow these steps

1. Visit Blogger dashboard
2. Click on theme
3. Now click on Backup/Restore button (Top right side)
4. A pop-up window will open here
5. Click on download theme as backup (you can use in future incase the theme will crash)

6. Back to blogger and now click on Choose File button
7. A pop window will be open
8. Choose that extract file folder of Blogger template
9. Select XML Document file
10. Click on Upload and wail until it finished

You new Blogger template will be added on you blog. New Blogger template will totally changed your old widgets area so you have to re-configure all your widgets.

Avinash Chourasia

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