How to change the Font size in WordPress post

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. When you start on WordPress you don’t know all things about wordpress like how to increase the font size in wordPress. So here I am showing you how you can change the font size in WordPress without using any plugins.

Follow these simple steps to change the font size in wordpress while writing any post.

1. Go WordPress dashboard
2. Add new post or edit any exiting post
3. in tool bar click on Paragraph
4. Here you will find various font sizes select as your choice
5. Please note, check preview because the actual font size may be varied also font size are different in themes.

How to change the existing font size in WordPress
1. Go to wordpress
2. All posts
3. Select the post > click on edit
4. Highlight the text than change
5. Click on paragraph
6. Choose the font size
7. Save your font size will be changed.

Note: Always use preview button to look your post before publishing it.

Avinash Chourasia

Avinash Chourasia is the founder & CEO of CouponWings. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has brilliant business mind with awesome technical, blogging, Web-designing and affiliate marketing skills.

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