Top 3 Free Online Social Media Marketing Tools Every startup Needs

I recommend here some best social media marketing tools for every on line entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers or website owner. Social media plays major role in marketing field. People spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, instagram and other social sites. So attracting customers from social media is good idea.

I am sharing following three best social marketing tools which I used for my blog promotion.

1. Hootsuite

This is the best social media marketing tool which I liked the most. You can add up-to 3 three social media account with free hoot-suite account. It’s paid version also available where you can add more than three accounts in Hootsuite. The best thing of Hootsuite is schedule the post. You can schedule daily up to 5-6 post for unlimited days. It means you can schedule your post for whole week at a single time.

Special trick to connect 4 social media with 1 Hootsuite free account

2. Postcorn

social media tools

best social media tools for marketing

This is same as as Hootsuite. The advantage of Postcron is you can add up to 6 social medias in its free plan. You can share on 6 different social Medias from Postcorn. This tool provides can provide you about 100 of traffic per share. So this is very powerful tool to get instant traffic to your website/blog. If you share 10 times through this tool you will get up to 1000 traffic in a day. I placed Postcron at second place because Postcron provides only 10 schedule post. You can also add watermark to your images automatically.

3. TweetDeck

Tweetdeck is the best social tool for your business. Tweetdeck allow you to connect numbers of Twitter account in it. You can add your whole team twitter’s account with Tweetdeck and starting tweeting from all Twitter account from a single tweet. So next time Tweet like a pro.

These social sharing tools are very effective and time saving. These are specially made for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Avinash Chourasia

Avinash Chourasia is the founder & CEO of CouponWings. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has brilliant business mind with awesome technical, blogging, Web-designing and affiliate marketing skills.

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