Blogspot launched 4 New themes 2017 Review

A very popular blog platform has launched four new blogger theme named Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable . is a Google’s property and after a long period Google has given four new themes to is also popular as BlogSpot because all the blogs have domain. So if you yet not visited your blogger dashboard then it’s time to visit and try all themes.

Blogger new themes features

Premium look- All for new Blogger themes looks premium as WordPress themes. New blogger themes have better font style and bigger sizes.

Responsive Mobile Friendly- The very good thing is that all themes are mobile friendly and much better than its old themes. In old themes all blogger themes has simple display but in new blogger theme you will find everything is new especially in mobile version.

Subscription box- New blogger theme has better Subscription box on the header of every new theme. A small pop window will appear for Subscription box.

Widgets on/off- This is totally a new features in widgets area. Now you don’t need to remove the widgets. You can easily turn off/on the widgets.

Fast loading- All four new blogger theme are fast loading on both desktops and mobile

These are four New Blogger themes

1 Contemp

This new blogger theme is best for those people who love to use beautiful pictures in their blog posts. Contemp comes in five different variants.

View Demo

To use Contemp theme visit your Blogger dashboard

2 Soho

This new theme made for artists blogger who can share photo gallery, designs or musings. Socho theme also comes in 5 variants.

View Demo

To use Socho theme visit your Blogger dashboard

3 Emporio

According to Google official blog Emporio is a neat and clean Theme and can be use in all type of projects. So those blogger who loves to show their blog in grid can use it. Emporio theme also comes in 5 variants.

View Demo

To use Emporio theme visit your Blogger dashboard

4 Notable

Notable new blogger theme is good for storytelling. It’s big font and clear post heading look is so good to display the topics of any post. Notable theme also comes in 5 variants.

View Demo

To use Emporio theme visit your Blogger dashboard

If you want to check all theme on your blog first backup your old themes files on your pc. Or you can create a new blog as demo uses. I hope you like my updates about the new blogger themes very much. Please subscribe this blog for more latest updates about

Image source : official blogger blog

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