10 things before choosing a Best WordPress Hosting

The success of every WordPress blog also depends on its hosting provider. Best hosting provider help your blog to rank one on Google and other search engines. [thirstylink linkid=”204″ linktext=”Bluehost” class=”thirstylink” title=”Bluehost”] is the first hosting company recommend by the WordPress official website.
Why we should choose a best hosting company for WordPress website. I have listed some reason for choosing a good hosting:


1. Server- A good hosting company must have a good server. Ordinary and cheap hosting company doesn’t provides good server for the websites. In the result your WordPress may be crashed or can face maximum time server down. When the hosting company server down your website will also goes in loss.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk space- This is the main features of choosing a good hosting. Every successful blogger has high traffic. Thousands of people can be online on your blog at a same time, so you should choose that hosting which can give you unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited disk space means you can post unlimited blogs, videos and upload unlimited files on your blog.

3. WordPress multisite support- WordPress multisite is a new feature of WordPress where you can make many sub websites using signal WordPress installations. Best Web hosting provider like Bluehost provides WordPress multisite support.

4. SEO & Speed- The website speed factor affects the performance and business of your online business. About 90% of internet user goes to another website when the website will not open in less than 5 seconds. Hosting provider must have SEO friendly tools and features.

5. Trust- Cheap hosting companies don’t have so much trust in the market. They can do fraud any time with your website. Some hosting is banned in certain country and some fraud hosting will be banned in future.

6. Support & Help – When you start making a WordPress you defiantly face lots of problem. So we should choose the best hosting company which can help any time without giving you tension.

7. Money fraud- Some of the hosting companies doing financial fraud with their clients. You may get an unwanted invoice in your account. I was faced this problem with my first hosting company.

8. Changing hosting company- Changing a hosting company is not an easy process. If you think you can change the hosting in future than you must know all the process or you have to hire an expert to changing.

9. Backup- We must choose a hosting company which provide regular backup of my WordPress website. Backup file are important files for any type of websites. It can be reused if your website gets hacked of damage accidently.

10. Security- Your Hosting provider should have all the security tools for your website. A secure server has lesser chance to get hacked.

These are some tips to keep in your mind before choosing a best hosting for your WordPress website. These hosting buying points are not only for WordPress website but recommended for all type of websites.

Avinash Chourasia

Avinash Chourasia is the founder & CEO of CouponWings. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has brilliant business mind with awesome technical, blogging, Web-designing and affiliate marketing skills.

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