10 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Make Money Online

You can easily choose a topic for a niche blog. First of all ask yourself what you like most what is your hobbies and interests. I recently met a client, he asked me about blogging topic. He said that he has not any idea about blog niche. I just asked his hobbies and interest. He said that he is very much inserted in Bodybuilding. I recommend him to start a blog on bodybuilding and supplements and given him some examples on this niche. His mind instantly opened and he decided to start a blog on this niche.

So friends just think about yourself what you like the most. For example you can be very much interested in new Smartphone or in new gadgets or in movies -music or you love travelling or you can like eating. These entire niches are best for blogging and making money online.


10 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Make Money Online

1. Gadgets review blogs- Gadgets reviews blogs are very technical blog. It required lots of technical knowledge. This type of bloggers reviews the latest gadgets. Gadgets review blogs needs regular and currents updates. For example bloggers can review the new Smartphone launched in market or new laptop launched by apple etc. Gadgets review bloggers can easily made money by promoting the electronics products on its blog.

2. Health blogs- Health blogging are very popular all over the world. Health blogging has too many topics to write. You can write about the weight loss, bodybuilding, diabetes control, diet tips, exercise, supplements, homemade medicine etc. If you think you have some awesome knowledge about this topic than go ahead and start a blog. Health blogs are evergreen topic. These types of blog don’t need to update its blog regularly.

3. Travel Blogs- Travel blogging is very adventures topic. This type of blog also needs high knowledge about various places. Travel bloggers write about the tourist places, Safety guide, how to reach, best hotels etc. Generally travel bloggers made money by promoting Hotel rooms, travel tickets, luggage bags, travel accessories like camera and binoculars etc. If you travel more than you can also start a travel blog.

4. Movie & Entertainment Blogs- Almost all people like to watch movie in theatres. Also we are seeing that numbers of movies are released every week. Some busy people can’t decide which movie he should watch. Then he uses its Smartphone and start researching about the upcoming movie review. So Movie blogging are also a fantastic niche for blogging. Movie review bloggers earn money by promoting movie tickets, music system, DVD and many other entertainment accessories’ and music appliances.

5. Tutorial blogs- Tutorial blogs are very liked by the influence people. Tutorial blogs have wide topics. How to cook, How to make website, how to learn flute etc are different zone of tutorial blog. So if you think you can teach through your writing and videos than you can easily create a tutorial blog. Additionally you can also launch a YouTube channel where you can teach through your videos.

6. Website and hosting blogs- This type of blogger writes about how to make websites. Bloggers write about website making, website security, choosing a domain name, selecting a good hosting company, website making software and platforms, hosting provider review etc. If you are a professional website developer or know how to make a website than this your niche. Start a blog on this niche.

7. Shopping & coupon blogs- Shopping blogs are getting popular all over the world. You can write about the new offers, coupons, best products, How to select a best online store, How to do online shopping etc are some topics can be written. If you love shopping than you can also help others through blogs.

8. Fashion blogs- Fashion industry grown very rapidly all over the world. Every people from youth, children or higher age people all like to looks fashionable. This is very sensible niche. IF your fashion sense is best and dressing style is awesome than go ahead and start a fashion blog. You can earn money by promoting apparel and fashion accessories.

9. PC Technical blogs- Everybody’s computer and laptops hanged sometime pc not started or getting problems to boot. For all this type of computer and laptop troubles has also many blogs on internet. So you can also start a blog on this niche. If you are a trained computer hardware technician or having good knowledge about pc troubleshooting then go ahead and make passive income by writing your own blog.

10. Sports blogs- Sports lover also loves to read about its favorite sports person’s activity and other sports events. Sports bloggers can write about the upcoming sports events, interest and hobbies of Sports persons, Sports personalities’ lifestyle, affairs, style, income report etc. You can earn money by promoting different sports accessories.

These are 10 best niches for making a blog. You can create some more and innovative blogs from your own ideas.

Avinash Chourasia

Avinash Chourasia is the founder & CEO of CouponWings. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has brilliant business mind with awesome technical, blogging, Web-designing and affiliate marketing skills.

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